Andhra Pradesh School Reopening latest news : Date, AP School news

Andhra Pradesh School Reopening latest news : Parents are unhappy and demand extension of closure as cases continue to be high in Andhra Pradesh.

Andhra Pradesh, AP Schools reopen but parents demand closure .

Andhra Pradesh, AP school reopening has commenced after Sankranthi holidays. Parents are too much worried about COVID-19 case rise in the sate as well in the country and they are demanding for AP schools to be closed otherwise situation will be out of control for the safety of students as well fir human kind.


Andhra Pradesh School Reopening latest news:

AP Schools reopened on 17 January ,2022 after almost a week of Sankranthi holidays. According to the reports, attendance was very poor as parents have become worried over rising COVID-19 cases in the state and country. Wards are not fully vaccinated.

As per reports , “Already 150 days of school have been completed in this academic year, the remaining session in offline mode must be continue . Due to the covid pandemic, we followed an ‘all pass’ approach in the last years but we understand the problems that the students will face in future if this continues.”

Andhra Pradesh School Reopening latest news
Andhra Pradesh School Reopening latest news

The decision of keeping schools open, Andhra Pradesh government might reconsider Seeing this backlash from parents and sparse attendance, the government might announce something with regards to extending holidays view covid cases surge and parents pressure as well.

There is no official confirmation regarding reopening amor closing of schools. Parents and stakeholders are advised to be calm. And do not rush and comment in unauthorised news sources.

Andhra Pradesh Education Minister– Adimoolapu Suresh insisted on Monday that schools will continue in offline or physical mode.

On Monday, schools starts classes after a week’s Sankranti holidays, but attendance was very poor as parents are worried about sending their children to school view current Covid situation.

Andhra Pradesh School Reopening latest news:

While Speaking to media after a meeting of the education department, education minister suresh said that the decision to continue classes in offline mode has been taken in the best interests of the students but parents are unhappy from this decision.

He states that that online classes have certain boundaries, the minister also said that parents of students need not worry about their safety as the teachers are fully vaccinated and 90 per cent of the students aged 15 years and above have also been given the first dose but in reply, parents said that they are not ready to send their children to school bcoz they knew that if after 2 doses no one is fully assure even if he or she is safe or not.

Andhra Pradesh School Reopening latest news:

Minister also Stating that there is no connection between Covid spread and conducting classes in schools, the minister said that the government will take appropriate measures if the situation warrants them.

Parents talked to media view covid cases surge other southern states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, and Karnataka have put offline classes on hold.

If one student also affected by his decision he should resign and never enter in to politics. And all expenses should be paid from his pocket because of his silly decisions. But this is not accepted at all by parents .


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