UP Election Result 2022 – MLA Seats List, Party Wise Seats

UP Election Result 2022 : As we are aware on thursday morning voating for UPs Election for 58 seats out of 403 seats of Rajya Sabha has been commenced. Election starting from western UP where BJP is facing problem. State – Uttar Pradesh, Election Dates – February 10, 14, 20, 23, 27, and March 3 and 7.

UP Election Result 202

UP Election Result 10th March 2022 : In 2017, BJP won 53 seats out of 58 seats in 11 district 2017.
Against BJP various parties and their allies specially like SP- Congress allies, BSP- RLD was allies was broken when Modi lead BJP party won in 2017. The face of Yogi Adityanath suddenly famous in Uttar Pradesh. As per NBT online survey 53.81 percent people in the favour of Yogi Adityanath is the main face in UP Election 2022. About 31.17 percent people still thinks PM Modi is the voat getter.


UP Election Result 2022 Opinion Poll

As per UP Poll, BJP will face directly SP- Congress allies but BSP – Congress allies is not tough competition with BJP. As per NBT online survey about 67.07 percent people thinks BJPs main opposition party is BSP. 55 % people say yes in online NBT Voating survey about Akhilesh Yadav will not win against BJP but 37% people thinks Akhilesh Yadav is fighting against BJP aggressively.

UP Elections Dates 2022

This UP Election starts from February 2022 and continue till March 2022. When ECI officially announced about new selected member UP state Rajya Sabha Mandal then we will update you time to time as well.

I14-Jan-2216 Jan 22
II21-Jan-2228 Jan 22
III25-Jan-2201 Feb 22
IV27-Jan-2203 Feb 22
V01-Feb-2208 Feb 22
VI04-Feb-2211 Feb 22
VII10-Feb-2217 Feb 22


UP Election Polling Date 2022


PhaseNomination ScrutinyLast Date for withdrawal of nominationPolling Dates
UP Election Result 2022
UP Election Result 2022


Uttar Pradesh Phase-2 Elections 2022

Uttar Pradesh Phase 2 election 2022 starts from Devband ( saharanpur) , Rampur, Maniharan, Gangoh seats and sambhal’s sambhal and Asmoli is very near fight of election ground .In phase 2 election BJP, Samajwadi party , Congress and BSP have done Various Raillies in these areas.

Samajwadi Party has already announced and promised if their Party wins the election then they will wave of Tax on farmers within 4 years on the hand Congress party announced that if they win in the election they will provide as 2500 per quintal Wheat and Rice and sugarcane farmers pending balance.

In Western UPs 11 districts JAT comes under second groups. In 2013, after Muzaffarnagar Riots, RLD they shifted to BJP party. In 2014 after Lok Sabha elections they become important voting bank for BJP Party.

UP Election 2022 : Party wise MLA list

  • 1 Shri Agyash Ram Saran Verma Bhartiya Janata Party 130-bisalpur
  • 2 Dr. Ajay Kumar Bhartiya Janata Party 264-bara
  • 3 Shri Ajay Kumar ‘Lalloo’ Indian National Con
  • 3 Shri Ajay Kumar ‘Lalloo’ Indian National Congress 331-tamkuhi Raj
  • 4 Shri Ajay Kumar Singh “Ajay Singh” Bhartiya Janata Party 307-harraiya
  • 5 Kunwar Ajay Pratap Singh “Lalla Bhaiya” Bhartiya Janata Party 298-colonelganj
  • 6 Shri Ajeet Kumar Alias Raju Yadav Bhartiya Janata Party 111-gunnaur
  • 7 Shri Ajit Pal Tyagi Bhartiya Janata Party 54-muradnagar
  • 8 Shri Atul Garg Bhartiya Janata Party 56-gaziabad
  • 9 Kumari Aditi Singh Indian National Congress 180-rae Bareli
  • 10 Shri Anil Sharma Bhartiya Janata Party 69-shikarpur
  • 11 Shri Anil Kumar Dohare Samajwadi Party 198-kannauj
  • 12 Dr. Anil Kumar Maurya Bhartiya Janata Party 400-ghorawal
  • 13 Shri Anil Parashar Bhartiya Janata Party 75-koil
  • 14 Shri Anil Rajbhar Bhartiya Janata Party 386-shivpur
  • 15 Shri Anil Singh Bahujan Samaj Party 167-purwa
  • 16 Smt. Aneeta Bhartiya Janata Party 279-alapur
  • 17 Dr. Anita Lodhi Rajput Bhartiya Janata Party 68-debai
  • 18 Smt. Anupma Jaiswal Bhartiya Janata Party 286-bahraich
  • 19 Shri Anurag Singh Bhartiya Janata Party 398-chunar
  • 20 Shri Anoop Pradhan Bhartiya Janata Party 71-khair
  • 21 Shri Abrar Ahmad Samajwadi Party 187-isauli
  • 22 Shri Abhay Kumar Alias Dhiraj Ojha Bhartiya Janata Party 250-raniganj
  • 23 Shri Abhijeet Singh Sanga Bhartiya Janata Party 210-bithoor
  • 24 Shri Aman Mani Tripathi Independent 316-nautanwan
  • 25 Shri Amar Singh Bhartiya Janata Party 192-kaimganj
  • 26 Shri Amar Singh Chaudhary Apna Dal(sone Lal) 302-shohratgarh
  • 27 Shri Amitabh Bajpai Samajwadi Party 214-arya Nagar
  • 28 Shri Ambrish Singh Pushkar, Advocate Samajwadi Party 176-mohanlalganj
  • 29 Shri Arvind Giri Bhartiya Janata Party 139-gola Gokrannath
  • 30 Dr. Arun Kumar Bhartiya Janata Party 124-bareilly
  • 31 Shri Arun Kumar Yadav Bhartiya Janata Party 349-phoolpur Pawai
  • 32 Smt. Archana Pandey Bhartiya Janata Party 196-chhibramau
  • 33 Smt. Alka Rai Bhartiya Janata Party 378-mohammadabad
  • 34 Shri Avtar Singh Bhadana Bhartiya Janata Party 16-meerapur
  • 35 Prof. (Dr.) Avadhesh Singh Bhartiya Janata Party 384-pindra
  • 36 Shri Awasthi Bala Prasad Bhartiya Janata Party 141-dhaurahra
  • 37 Shri Avinash Trivedi Bhartiya Janata Party 169-bakshi Kaa Talab
  • 38 Shri Ashok Kumar Rana Bhartiya Janata Party 20-dhampur
  • 39 Shri Aslam Ali Bahujan Samaj Party 58-dholana
  • 40 Shri Azad Ari Mardan Bahujan Samaj Party 351-lalganj
  • 41 Shri Anand Swarup Shukla Bhartiya Janata Party 361-ballia Nagar
  • 42 Smt. Aradhana Misra Alias Mona Indian National Congress 244-rampur Khas
  • 43 Shri Alambadi Samajwadi Party 348-nizamabad
  • 44 Shri Ashish Kumar Singh “Ashu” Bhartiya Janata Party 159-bilgram-mallanwan
  • 45 Shri Ashutosh Upadhyay Samajwadi Party 340-bhatpar Rani
  • 46 Shri Ashutosh Tandon Alias Gopal Ji Bhartiya Janata Party 173-lucknow East
  • 47 Shri Mehmood Samajwadi Party 33-sambhal
  • 48 Shri Haji Ikram Qureshi Samajwadi Party 27-moradabad Rural
  • 49 Shri Indra Pratap Alias Khabbu Tiwari Bhartiya Janata Party 276-goshainganj
  • 50 Haji Irfan Solanki Samajwadi Party 213-sishamau

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