MP Board Class 12 English Imp Question 2022 – 12th English paper 2022

In this article we will discuss about about MP Board Class 12 English Imp Question 2022 – 12th English paper 2022, Which is are so much important for students who are giving MP Board 12th exam 2022. As per MP Board 12th time table English paper class 12 is scheduled on 17 Feb 2022. so that these questions are so much important, if you want to get good marks in MP board exams you should have to read and remember of these question‘s answer.

Some people and some owner of telegram channels says that original paper of mp board exam 2022 has been leaked that was wrong information. and students are advised that don‘t waste your valuable time in such type of news and rumors. Students should have to practices regularly of mp board 12th model paper 2022 that has ben already issued by mp board education department and is available on mp board official website i.e.

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MP Board Class 12 English Imp Question 2022

Here below you can see some important questions coming up for class 12th in mp board english paper 2022. Which will help you a lot in your English paper in board exam 2022.If you have not read anything yet, then with the help of these questions, you can come up with good marks in your mp board exams 2022. Therefore, You are requested to go through revision of all these questions once before going to the board exam 2022.

Write an essay on any one of the following topics in about 250 words.

  • (a) Science : A Blessing or A Curse 
  • (b) The Problem of Unemployment 
  • (c) Value of Games and Sports 
  • (d) Pollution Problem: A Great Challenge 
  • (e) Festivals of India 
  • (f) COVID-19 : its impact on our life


  1. You are Ankit Gupta. You have found a school bag in your school compound. Prepare a Lost and Found‘ notice.
  2. Prepare a poster on Say no to Drugs‘.
  3. Your father has been transferred to another city. You want to sell certain household goods. Design a suitable advertisement to be published in local newspaper.
MP Board Class 12 English Imp Question 2022
MP Board Class 12 English Imp Question 2022


  • (A) Write a letter to your brother telling him how you want to spend your summer vacation this year. 
  • (B) You are Sachin Bhargava, residing at 102, Dwaraka Colony, Mhow.Write a letter to your friend Jay congratulating him on his brilliant success in the NEET examination. 
  • (C) Write a letter to your friend advising him to study English, Maths, General Knowledge and reasoning for attaining success in competitive exams. 
  • (D) Write a letter to your father requesting him to send you ₹ 9000/- to purchase books and pay school and hostel fees. 
  • (E) Write a letter to your friend inviting him to your elder brother‘s/sister‘s marriage

Short Answer Questions from Flamingo (Text book) Prose section. 

  1. What had been put up on the bulletin board? 
  2. Why did Franz not want to go to school that day?
  3. How did M. Hamel dress for school on his last day to school?
  4. How can Mukesh realise his dream? 
  5. Mention the hazards of working in the glass bangles industry. 
  6. How did this experience affect him? 
  7. How did the instructor ‘build a swimmer’ out of Douglas? 
  8. Why did the peddler decline the invitation?
  9. Why was Edla happy to see the gift left by the peddler? 
  10. How was Gandhi able to influence lawyers? 
  11. Why did Gandhi consider the Champaran episode to be a turning point in his life?
  12. How does Eco find the time to write so much? 
  13. Why did Rudyard Kipling refuse to be interviewed?
  14. Why did the ironmaster speak kindly to the peddler and invite him home?

Flamingo (Poetry section)

  1. Why are the young trees described as ‘sprinting’?
  2. What worried the poet when she looked at her mother?
  3. What does the poet want for the children of the slums? How can their lives be made to change? 
  4. Why does the poet ask us to keep still?
  5. Why is ‘grandeur’ associated with the ‘Mighty dead’?
  6. What makes human beings love life in spite of trouble and suffering? 
  7. Where was the stand situated and how was it made?

Vistas : supplementary reader

  1. What did the royal infant grow up to be?
  2. Why did the Maharaja ban tiger hunting in the state?
  3. What are phytoplanktons?
  4. What was the purpose of the visit to Antarctica?
  5. Where did Dr. Sadao and Hana meet?
  6. How did Dr Sadao help Tom, the white man to escape?
  7. Why did Jo want the wizard to hit Roger Skunk’s mommy?
  8. What is the moral issue that the story raises? 
  9. What kind of a person was Evans?
  10. How was Evans able to devise a foolproof plan for escape from prison?


Q.  Fill in the blanks.

  • 1. I have seen …. places of historical importance in this city. (a/an/the/no article)
  • 2. The boy…. the bird. (catch/catches/catches)
  • 3. ……knowledge is a dangerous thing. (a little/little/few)
  • 4. I think it ….. rain today. (may/must/can‘t)
  • 5. There are…. precious books in the library. (much/any/some)
  • 6.My brother is——- engineer. (the,an,a)
  • 7. Did you buy——– sugar from the shop? (any,some)
  • 8.I don’t like —— of these mobiles. (either,neither)
  • 9.You —- stop smoking.(would,should)
  • 10.We are going——– a match today. (playing/toplay/played)
  • 11. My friend lives ……… New Delhi. (in/at/into)
  • 12. Work hard lest you ……… fail. (would/ could/should)
  • 13. Ram prefers milk….tea. (at/to/than)
  • 14. Mr. David is……European.(a/an/the)
  • 15. I have …….friends.(much/many)
  • 16. ….Ramayan is a sacred book. (A/An/The)
  • 17. My grandmother is hard …. hearing. (of/to/on)
  • 18. ……….God bless you! with a daughter. (Can/Could/May)
  • 19. The building has …. down. (falling/fallen/fall)
  • 20. He distributed sweets….children. (among/between)
  • 21 …………….her soul rest in peace. ( Would / May )
  • 22. They apologized ….. the old lady.(for, to)
  • 23. I didn‘t find ………………. there. ( anyone , no one )
  • 24. She doesn‘t have ……… friends to help her. ( many , much, any )
  • 25. You …………… to go to Mumbai tomorrow to attend the meeting . ( will have / should )
  • 26. I am not anxious ……… exams. ( in , about , for )
  • 27. We keep our food in the fridge __ it does not go bad. (after, so that, since, although)
  • 28. You __ not feel sorry for this petty mistake. (are, need, do, have)
  • 29. __ room of this hotel has an AC. ( each, every, some)
  • 30. He is good __ English.

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