Baal Aadhaar 2022 : How to apply Aadhaar card for children

How to apply Aadhaar card for children : The authority which issued Aadhar card UIDAI is also releases Aadhar card for children. Which is known as Bal Aadhar. There as New born babies Aadhar card are also issued. So many hospitals are started to register new born baby for Aadhar card creation. So they provide  Aadhaar registration coupon besides Birth certificate.

How to apply Aadhaar card for children

Parents can register your mobile number with their child Aadhar card no. Parents also can use mobile apps for registration of their dear childs Aadhar card. Aadhar card is assumed as the most important significance of identity. But there are questions pop in everyone’s minds about being a new born baby’s Aadhar Card. Aadhar card UIDAI stands for Unique Identification authority of india.


Where parents can apply for their children’s Aadhar card without any trouble. UIDAI has decided to make Aadhar card for 5 years or under five years old children. This Aadhar card is called a blue Aadhar card. This blue Aadhar card was valid till 5 years ago . After 5 years this blue Aadhar card will be invalid.

Bal Aadhar card online registration Overview

UnitUnique Identification of India
Launch byHon’ble Primeminister of india shri Narendra Modi
ObjectiveCreate child Aadhar 2022
PurposeTo provide unique identity to each citizen
Toll free helpline1947

Bal Aadhar 2022 check status

  • First of all, visit the official website. After reaching the official website a homepage will open in front of you to get the Aadhar button blinking.
  • Now you will see the option to check Aadhar status. You will click on this button. After clicking a new page will open in front of you.
  • In this page you will have to enter your enrollment ID and time. And after that fill up the captcha code.
  • After that click on the check status link.
  • After that in front of you Bal Aadhar check status will be open.
How to apply Aadhaar card for children
How to apply Aadhaar card for children

How can I get Aadhar card my 5 year less  than age child 2022

The parents who want to make Aadhar card for dear children they should read some characteristics about some main points.

  • The children who are under 5 years old their Aadhar card can apply .
  • For Aadhar Card child ‘s picture is enough.
  • There is no biometric is taken for children.
  • Either father or mother will have to give his/her Aadhar Card for verification.
  • If both neither father nor mother has Aadhar card then they will have to first register for their Aadhar card.
  • Once when the child is become five years old then his/her biometric and finger print are taken and also photograph.

How to apply Aadhar card under 5 years old children 2022

The Aadhar card enrollment process of under 5 years old children is different than above 5 years old children. Here we are going to tell you about the process, that how to enrollment  your children for Aadhar Card.

  1. Visit the nearest Aadhar enrollment center.
  2. Fill up the Aadhar enrollment form. And give details about your Aadhar card no.
  3. Under 5 years old children either father or mother will have to give their Aadhar card no.
  4. Child photographs will be taken.
  5. Address and other biometric data are taken from parents Aadhar card.
  6. You will have to deposit a child birth certificate Xerox copy.
  7. You should be given an Aadhar enrollment slip.
  8. To know the status of this Aadhar card this slip will be under use .
  9. After 3 months the Aadhar card will be delivered to you by post or you can print it online.

How can I get an Aadhar card for above 5 years old children 2022

The Aadhar for children under five years to 15 years are issued the same as the Aadhar card issuing of youths. All the way there is no more difference between children and youths Aadhar card.

  • This process is the same for youths.
  • But the difference is only in essential documents.
  • After 15 years old children will update their 10 fingerprints /scan, iris scan and photograph update.
  • Date of birth is so compulsory.

How to apply for Aadhar card above 5 years old children 2022

The Aadhar enrollment process above 5 years old children is given below.

  1. Visit to the nearest Aadhar card enrollment center .
  2. Fill up the aadhar enrollment form.
  3. If your children have a legal address then enter this address if not possible then fill up your aadhar no. And your information.
  4. Deposit this form to the officer with essential documents.
  5. Officer will take your child’s fingerprints ,iris and photograph .
  6. After completing the process an acknowledgement  slip will be given to you.
  7. In the acknowledgement slip there is an enrollment id. In which acknowledgement number ,time and date are given.
  8. Keep safe this acknowledgement slip for future reference.

Child Aadhar making 2022 important documents

If you are thinking of making an Aadhar card for children then to make an Aadhar card there are some documents that are so essential.

◆below five years old children

  1. Child birth certificate
  2. Aadhar card for either father or mother.
  3. Original copy of both documents for verification.

◆above 5 years old children

  1. Child birth certificate or School id certificate.
  2. Bonafide certificate on Institute letterhead .
  3. Parents Aadhar Card(either mother or father

FAQs about Child Aadhar making 2022

Que1 . Can an Aadhar card be made without any document ?

Ans. No, an Aadhar Card can not be made without documents. For this you have to present address and identity proof certificates.

Que.2 What is the official website of the Aadhar Card making UIDAI ?

Ans. The official website to make Aadhar card is

Que 3 Is Aadhar updation for above 15 years old necessary ?

Ans. Yes ,Aadhar updation is necessary for children above 15 years old. And there is a little Time spent in this process.

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