Education Budget 2022-23 : union budget allocation, new plans

Education Budget 2022 : Dear friends, today we are introduce you here with indian educational budget 2022. Here you read about indian educational budget 2022-23 in which many new possibilities creates about education sector. Education is a sector in which 6% of total GDP spend. For the session of 2022-23 finance minister Nirmal Sitaraman once again announced central government budget in loksabha recommend more budget allotment for education sector. Finance minister in her lecture gave proposal to spend 104278 crore rs.

for financial year 2022-23.which is too much from last financial year modified budget 88002 crore rs. In central government budget 2022-23 for the educational sector project more than last year expenditure proposed. and it is guessed that in next financial year there is a proposal to spend 39555 crore rs expand for RASHTRIYA SHIKSHA MISSION, which is more than last financial year educational budget. Similarly in education field an other unique project of government proposed 550 crore rs in same financial year for the project of states knowledge acquisition and result reinforcement.

Which is more than modified guess with respect to present year education budget 340 crore. one other educational plan of government in education secor Eklavya model residency school there proposed a education budget 2000 crores for the financial year 2022-23.


Union Budget allocation 2022 sector wise

Dear friends here you will know about the indian budget 2022 in educational fields and many other difference sectors. as you know finance minister nirmal Sitaraman announced on 1st february at 11 a.m. the indian education budget. for this year total 104278 crore rs will be spend for education sector. Honable President Sri Ramnath kovind give his speech on 31 january before the starting of parliament budget session. After that finance minister respected smt. Nirmala sitaraman present economical surveys 2022.

After present economical surveys one day later on tuesday 1st february education budget 2022-23 declared by financial minister Nirmala sitaraman. For the financial year 2022-23 somewhat given to each sectors from the central budget 2022. According to central budget 2022-23 in covid-19 epidemic for education budget 2022-23 there is a provision to establish new universities.

Education Budget 2022
Education Budget 2022

Budget 2022 highlights

Here you read about budget 2022 highlights for diffrent sectors that how which finance minister Smt. Nirmla Sitaraman gave somewhat to each sector. this financial year 2022-23 total target of budget kept 39,44,908 crore rs. some of them are as follows.

  • health ministry ~ 86200 crore rs
  • civil aviation ministry ~10667 crore rs.
  • ministry of Commerce and industry~ 14421 crore rs
  • defence budget~ 525116 crore rs
  • education budget ~1,04,278 crore rs
  • Ministry of Finance ~1538779 crore rs.
  • Ministry of Electronics and information
  • technology~14300 crore rs.
  • Railway budget~140367 crore rs.
  • Jal Jeevan Mission budget~86189 crore rs.
  • Labour and Employment ministry~16893
  • Ministry of MSMEs~21422 crore rs
  • Ministry of Power Corporation~16074 crore rs.
  • Ministry of women and child welfare~25172

Union budget 2022-23

Dear friends till now I hope you well known about indian education budget and other sectors budget. Now in this keyword you will know about union budget 2022. Indira Governance of Modi 2.0 government Finance Minister Shrimati Nirmala sitharaman presented education budget Education budget was 3% of total GDP last year but this financial year education budget was increase and now for this financial year education budget will be 6% of of total GDP. It is fourth budget in Modi 2.0 governance. According data Indian economy growth 8 to 8.5% during the fiscal year. Union budget 2022 justifies the above proposition. This year budget Lage the foundation the Amrit kal from 75 years of independence to the hundred years of benchmark the budget ki fundamental reflects the growth strength and goal of country.

  • In the 75 years Indian government witnessed highest GST collection 1.40 lakh crores in January 2022.
  • More than 130 lakh MSMEs benefited
  • There has been a milestone progress recorded in nutrition health and infrastructure sector
  • 25000 compliance require has been decreased in the union budget 2022.
  • Service agriculture and medical area are the backbone of our country economy these are all defined newly in this financial year budget 2022

Common budget 2022-23

Finance Minister Shrimati Nirmala sitharaman presented common budget in front of country something 104278 crore rs. this is 11054 crore rs. more from previous year. Welcoming budget enable Prime Minister PM Modi said that this will be a milestone for Indian economy. He also said that a big change coming in the way and the world viewing towards India. People all over world want to see India as empowered and strong.

Modi said that it is important that India not only becomes self reliant but also modern India built on a foundation of Aatmnirbhar Bharat. It can be only then when India’s GDP increased. Second terminal economical increase rate results came exist. This rate increased by 8.4 percentage. Last year in same session Indian economic condition fall into negativity. June 2021 India’s economical GDP rate recorded 20.1 percentage.

I hope you have got complete information about Education budget of india 2022 but if you still want to know something more about Education budget 2022 then definitely comment us, we will reply you soon.


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