BSNL Unlimited plans 2022 – Good news for BSNL users 2022

BSNL Unlimited plans 2022 : Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is a company in the Telecom industry  who did not make any increase in the prepaid recharge plan cost. State owned company comes to bring a cheap prepaid recharge plan for his customer. Today in this article we are going to tell you about some cheap plans of BSNL prepaid recharge plan portfolio.

The cost of those recharge plans is below then150 rupees. The benefits of BSNL company recharge plan are very cheap then private telecom companies. These cheap recharge plans of BSNL are starting with 97 rupees cost in which 149 rupees recharge plan will provide you unlimited calling and daily data.

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BSNL Unlimited Plans 2022

BSNL is a national communication company. This is a government authorial company while other companies are private company BSNL. Cheap recharge makes communication easy and comfortable. Now we are going to discuss BSNL 4 cheap plans which are following.

  1. BSNL Prepaid Plan ₹139 BSNL 139 plan gives you 28 days validity. This plan also provides you unlimited voice calling facility. In this data plan you are given daily 2G data; this plan is only available for inactive 2 customers.
  2. BSNL Prepaid Plan ₹149 BSNL 149 plan gives you 28 days validity. This plan also provides you unlimited voice calling facility. Although this plan provides you only a daily 1GB data limit. In fact, the company provides customers daily 100 free SMS sending facilities with this plan.
  3. BSNL Prepaid Plan ₹ 97 BSNL 97 plan gives you 18 days validity. This plan also provides you unlimited voice calling for 18 days. Beside this in this plan daily 2GB data benefit is given to you by the company. Thus with 18 days validity you are given 36gb data given for use.
  4. BSNL Prepaid Plan ₹118  BSNL  118 plan gives you 26 days validity in this plan you are given daily 0.5 GB data with unlimited voice calling. Besides this this plan also provides you PRBT free service.

Four Best Plans 2022 of BSNL

  1. BSNL Prepaid plan ₹184 This plan cost is rs.184. In this plan bsnl users are given 1 GB daily data bonus, And 100 msgs too. And besides this 28 days unlimited calling validity is given. After finishing 1 gb data in daily limit the speed will be reduced 80 kbps per second. Besides this, the listening podcast facility is giving.
  2. BSNL Prepaid plan ₹185. This plan is to access you 1 gb daily data ,100 sms per day ,and besides this unlimited voice configuration facility is being given. a 28 days unlimited validity period is given. In this plan bundling of challenge arena mobile gaming service on progressive on web app services are being given.
  3. BSNL Prepaid plan ₹ 186 . This plan consists of the same rs 184 and rs.185 plan ,but in this plan two extra benefits are given . Those are BSNL Tunes and hardy games access.
  4. BSNL Prepaid plan ₹ 347 . In this plan you will be given unlimited voice calling with 2 GB per day data with 100 msg. Per day facility. This plan is valid till 56 days .In this plan bundling of challenge arena mobile gaming services on progressive on web APP service are given.

BSNL Plan 4G Overview 2022

Plan ₹Facilities
139Unlimited voice calling, daily 2gb data 100 messages only inactive customers, 28 days
149Unlimited voice calling ,daily 1 gb data ,100 messages. 28 days
97Unlimited voice calling, daily 2 gb data,100 messages, 18 days
118Unlimited voice calling ,0.5 gb daily data ,100 messages ,26 days
184Unlimited voice calling, 1 gb daily data ,100 msgs , 28 days
185Same above, + podcast facility
186Same above, bundling of challenge arena gaming
347Unlimited calling + 2 gb per day data

BSNL Unlimited plans 2022
BSNL Unlimited plans 2022

BSNL best prepaid plans list 2022

Plan voucherMRPValidityFree data
Per minute plan75602 gb
Premium per second plan1061003 gb
Plan15315336550 mb for 30 days
PV 365365365Unlimited calling 2 gb data per day 100 sms after 2 gb reduced speed 80kbps
Plan 485*4851801.5 gb per day 90 days
PV 997997180Unlimited calling 3 gb data per day after 3 gb
PV 14991499365+30 daysUnlimited call + 24gb data per month
Advance per minute plan94903 gb within 90 days
Premium per minute plan1071003 gb data 100 days
Plan 199*1991802 gb data per day 28 days after used daily data reduced speed 40kbps
Plan 399399801 gb per day date Free used daily data reduced speed 80 kbps
Plan 666 sixer6661801.5 gb per day 134 days
PV 999*999240Unlimited voice calls
PV 19991999365Unlimited calls 3 gb per day 100 msgs per day.

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